Is it you or just me

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Kale – the old one

My kale just gets a bit crazy, a little bit too much and too old even for boil or steam. So here it’s – kale chips by dehydrator Taste – I like it ,for some people may think it’s strong  It provides a lot of energy, you may not believe it. I am always hungry […]

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Sun dried tomato 🍅 

It’s the first time to make sundries tomatoes. Unfortunately, it’s not the tomatoes from our garden because the funny weather. They all are still green. We dried in under the sun , the classic method. 2 boxes of fresh tomatoes around 30 kg, it only weighted 15 kg after fully dried. That’s why it’s so […]

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Happy CHinese new Year

Simple traditional Chinese dinner , 2 dishes and a Chinese soup. 

Homemade Chinese soup seems a simple dishes but it’s very special. Different combinations of herbs and nuts have different health maintenance function. The smell of the soup make you feel like home; just like Italian smell tomato sauce  when they back home. We know mama is cooking.

If you like to cook traditional Chinese, go to website is from Hong Kong. So many local simple dishes, and display language can change to English. 

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Social sickness 

Female life is never easy, we take on our responsibilities seriously, as daughter, wife and mum. We give our live and concern to others, but forget ourselves, listen all noises :too skinny, too fat, too loud, stay home mum,don’t cook…….. We are just human, no one is perfect. Block the noise around us and be […]

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Grace 恩典

停下來 回頭看一看 祂的恩典 一路相伴 閉上眼 用心去感覺 祂的愛 從不曾離開 抬起頭 你將會發現 烏雲背後 還是有藍天 張開手 迎向每一天 祂的恩典 一定夠用 你日子如何 力量也如何 祂應許 永遠不會改變 要相信 不論明天將如何 祂的恩典 一定夠用 每一次跌倒 站起來更剛強 每腳步走得更有力量 要相信 不論明天將如何 祂的恩典 一定夠用 When you feel your life has a rough moment, remember Grace from your god (no matter what religion you are) always sufficient for you. […]

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Have sometime to clear my mind, found that I totally forgot my blog 😱, totally. That’s what people said life just busy and not sure 🤔 where the time gone or maybe my creativity just left me to the routine life  . We set our goals, one after one, just keep chasing until we die […]

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